About Me

Hello, I'm Erika.
Seeker of candid emotion & adventure.

One moment, lots of stories. The moment is almost a religion for me. With a camera, some lenses, and a lot of passion for a frame, I manage to tell stories in a single moment. You will find me often wonder with my camera to discover the tranquility of the landscapes, the curiosity in the eyes of children, the tenderness of two lovers, the enchantment of wedding emotions, and, last but not least, the beauty of the editorial world.

I take and edit my photos with a cinematic vision in mind while telling your story authentically. My attention lies in details that matter. I go above and beyond for my clients to make sure their time is valued. I embrace moments naturally. At the same time, it’s all about connection and understanding each other.

My Latest Works

Dreamy Styleshoot

After Wedding

Mountain Lovers

Portraits of a Soul